5 MLB Players Who Had Significant Dropoffs in 2016

1. Carlos Gomez

Towards the end of 2015, this unique player had the guts to join the Astros in a not-the-best time sort of setting. He had high hopes and dreams come post-season, as did the others surrounding the game. Yet things do not always happen as one will suppose or expect, and here is but one lesson learned as a result which follows:

“Houston Chronicle columnist Brian T. Smith wrote a column about Houston Astros centerfielder Carlos Gomez’ poor start. He included the following direct quote from Gomez. ‘For the last year and this year, I not really do much for this team. The fans be angry. They be disappointed,’ said Gomez….” (http://thebiglead.com/2016/05/05/houston-columnist-criticized-over-carlos-gomez-quote/, pg. 1, para. 1, 2, and 3)

This player did not last very long in this phase. Any short glory or feel of aspiration was short-lived. He then joined the Rangers this last year.

2. Andrew McCutchen

McCutchen’s drop to fame, as they call it, can be found to date all the way back to the early weeks of 2015. Since then, things have only gotten worse over time, never truly recovering to the mediocre stage which they were previously in for this player. It is truly a sad sight to see. Andrew McCutchen was a enter fielder for the Pirates, yet this season in particular finds him dropping at least 40 points below the average mark. In addition, he has also fallen more than 100 points below OPS as regards his professional baseball career in general.

Things have not gone too well for him this year either, dropping him only further than when the drop began in early 2015. This is a shame and a disgrace to baseball MLB excellence at the professional level, and all in the game hope to see it reversed sometime soon. It is possible with a bit of re-direction and some dedicated hard work. There is nothing that cannot be done when you have a bit of both here, and all fans are keeping their chin up in days to come.

3. Jose Bautista

This last season has been one of the roughest ever for Jose Bautista. Not only has the humiliation of being punched in the face publicly by Rougned Odor taken its negative effect. Yet throughout the games in relation to this period, this player has not taken much action or attention to the game. He has not received much attention in return.

4. Mark Teixeira

This worn-out Yankee has only continued to tire and further wear down in this last year alone. MLB 2016 baseball has not been kind to him and has left him more than worn out to the maximum. This is especially due to having to step it up since A-Rod retired from the game. The only question is: when will Mark? Is he next on the plate to leave the Yankees or to leave the game of baseball as a whole?

5. Justin Upton

In this last year alone, Justin Upton has majorly declined in batting averages, percentages on base, and even slugging. This has not been a good year for him, though he was doing so well previously. In fact, the Silver Slugger award for best left-fielder went to him in 2014. After that, Upton took to the skies with San Diego’s All-Star game and concluded an overall procurement of 26 home runs and a 3.5 World Average Record. This was how he concluded 2015. What happened? He signed with the Tigers and thought that he could keep up the stamina.


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